Thursday, 23 May 2019

2019 Runathon

On Wednesday 22 May, Kilbirnie School had its annual Runathon! This year the event was called the FUN and FABULOUS run... and it was exactly that!

The kids of Matairangi hub were well prepared after weeks of cross country practise.

There were many kids (and teachers!) dressed in fun costumes and afterwards everyone was treated to a sausage sizzle.

Each hub had two prizes for best dressed! Congratulations to Abby Dixon and Thomas Shortall for their creative costumes.

Each year we are always impressed by the support and encouragement the students of Matairangi Hub show towards the younger students of our school.

Another successful Kilbirnie School event!


World Day for Cultural Diversity.

On Tuesday 21 May, the world celebrates Cultural Diversity Day!

We have many different cultures in our Kilbirnie School community so we love celebrating this day each year.

We had a special assembly which gave students the opportunity to stand up and be proud of their cultures.

Room 8 made diversity hands. They focused on flags, symbols, language, mythology, landmarks, religion, food and customs!

Room 9 and 10 drew flags and practised their greetings.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Science Experiments

This term we are focusing on science!

As a hub we are running a variety of different experiments. Our goal is to start thinking like scientists and we are focusing on observing, predicting, and questioning.

Some experiments have included observing:

  • what happens when different candies are placed in water.
  • the relationship between coke, oil, and milk.
  • what happens when paper flowers are put on water.
  • the relationship between milk, colouring, and dish liquid. 

We are looking forward to doing many more experiments! 


Sunday, 17 March 2019

Camp 2019

During week 5 we had school camp!

The year 6's set off on Tuesday and stayed for three nights at Palm Grove- two nights were spent sleeping in tents for some! So many activities were packed into the four days spent on camp.  This included activities such as: archery, low ropes, confidence course, swimming, performing, tramping, orienteering, rock climbing, horse riding, pitching tents, playing sports, and even preparing vegetables. 

The year 5 camp joined the year 6's on Wednesday and they did many of the same activities. On Friday, the year 5's went to Ngā Manu Nature Reserve where they got to see native birds and plants, as well as the opportunity to feed eels! 



Some students have written some amazing articles about their camp experiences, here are some extracts:

Low Ropes:

“I found it really fun and wanna do it longer” Mere said. There were so many obstacles that you could go on. There were these blocks you could go and jump to the next and there were ropes that you had to use your bum to slide across, there were also tires you had to climb on and if you fell off any of the obstacles it was okay because you were clipped on to some wires so if you fell it would make you just hang there and you wouldn't hurt yourself. (By Freya)

Camp Concert:

2019’s camp concert was just last week. Crowds were flooding in to see the students of kilbirnie school perform their skits. The students did their skit one by one and then there was a surprise synchronised swimming dance from the parents. “It was a unique production of skits, the parents were hilarious” said one of the spectators. (Arana)


Tuesday, 12 February 2019

School Picnic

On Tuesday 12 February, Matairangi hub, along with the rest of the school went on a picnic!

We caught buses to Khandallah Park where we started our day with a very refreshing swim in the pool.

Payton and Agalua splashing around!
After a bite to eat to refuel, Matairangi Hub headed up Mount Kaukau. It was a warm and overcast day, but we all persevered and made it to the top! Unfortunately the view was not what we hoped for. The walk down was a lot faster than the walk up. 

We had a great day and enjoyed bonding as a new hub. It was great seeing so many students supporting their friends during our big walk.... bring on camp!

Monday, 12 November 2018

Athletics Day

On Friday 19 October, we had our yearly athletics day- and what a beautiful day it was! 

After weeks of training, our Matairangi students participated in quoits, vortex, sprints, high jump and long jump.

It was great to see our hub support and encourage one another.

A number of our students qualified for Eastern Zones Athletics- well done! 

Thursday, 13 September 2018


Matairangi Hub have just finished their Friday badminton sessions! On Fridays,  each class walked to the Wellington Badminton Club and had lessons. Students had a great time learning skills needed to play badminton and they really enjoyed playing the different games!

Room 9 learning about shuttlecocks. 

Room 8 practising with balloons. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Citizenship Inquiry

During Term 2, the Matairangi Hub inquiry focus was Citizenship. A major part of this inquiry was for students to become aware of global, national and local issues and how they, as active citizens, could come up with solutions and actions for their chosen issue.

Students worked in groups across the hub and came up with some amazing actions to help with their issue. Some examples include:

Christos, Thomas and Jack- who were working on how to prevent littering. They put posters up around our local community. 

Facundo, Andronicos and Arana- who were working on how to minimise littering in our own school community. This group are now in the beginning stages of starting a school litter clean-up club.

Ali, Grace, Amiria and Eva- who were focusing on plastic wastage. This group are currently organising a plastic free day at school. 

Louis, Freddie, Flynn, Alexi, Joe and Anas- who were focusing on the homeless. They are currently organising a can-food drive at school to donate to food banks. 

Sophie, Jacqui and Molly- who were focusing on plastic pollution in the ocean. This groups spent their Saturday morning selling reusable bags in our local community and donated their earnings to the Island Bay Marine Education centre. 

We had a great time showing the rest of the school our projects when we recently had a Matairangi inquiry open day to share all our amazing work.

Sharing with Room 1, 3 and 4

One group selling their bags to make money for the Island Bay Marine Education Centre. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Government House

During Week 10 of Term 2 Matairangi Hub went on a trip to Government House. This trip was part of our citizenship inquiry and it was a great way to discuss with the students what being an active citizen means.

We had a medal ceremony for four of our students and a tour of the house.
Mere trying the monocle
Louis and Freya receiving medals. 

I really enjoyed the squishy carpet and the present cabinet. I also enjoyed the ballroom and how well lit it was, looking at all the coats of arms and just looking at the way she lived (Sophie).

On the trip I learnt that…
.William Hobson was the first governor general in NZ  
.Catherine Tizard was the first girl governor general in NZ
.Catherine Tizards nickname was Cat   
.Arthur Porritt was the first kiwi governor general  
The Governor General’s role is to…   
. Knight people  
.Appoint the government after an election
.Attend community events   

.Travel around the world for the queen

I really enjoyed the thick carpet and the paintings in the ballroom and the chandeliers (Ali)

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Matariki Electives

Making and designing lanterns
On Thursday June 14, Kilbirnie school celebrated Matariki with a day of electives and evening celebrations. Students participated in a range of activities including digital Matariki, haka, technology challenge, preparing kai and a fantastic selection of art activities.

"I liked making the tautara (fishing rod) in Room 8 and working with the younger kids in the school." (Jacqui R8). 

"I did the haka, digital Matariki and preparing kumara. I liked learning about a man hiding in a kumara patch and telling the story through the haka." (Marcel, R10).
Technology Challenge with Lou
Koru art with Mrs Te Rito

Friday Rotations

On Fridays, the Matairangi hub run subject rotations. Mr Wilson offers history, Mrs Te Rito runs art class and Rachel does music. Each student in the hub spends three sessions on each of the three topics.

Clay unicorns made in art
African Gumboot Dance

 "We got to make clay animals. I made an elephant. It was cool using clay- I hadn't used it before. I liked that we got to choose what to make." (Tilly, R9)

"In history we learnt about the Mayans and their gods because they believed in many. They used hieroglyphics instead of normal writing and their books were giant tablets made out of bark." (Arana, R8)
Working on clay animals

"In music, we learnt about notes and the African Gumboot Dance and it was really fun!" (Bijou, R9)                                                 

2019 Runathon

On Wednesday 22 May, Kilbirnie School had its annual Runathon ! This year the event was called the FUN and FABULOUS run... and it was exact...