Monday, 12 November 2018

Athletics Day

On Friday 19 October, we had our yearly athletics day- and what a beautiful day it was! 

After weeks of training, our Matairangi students participated in quoits, vortex, sprints, high jump and long jump.

It was great to see our hub support and encourage one another.

A number of our students qualified for Eastern Zones Athletics- well done! 

Thursday, 13 September 2018


Matairangi Hub have just finished their Friday badminton sessions! On Fridays,  each class walked to the Wellington Badminton Club and had lessons. Students had a great time learning skills needed to play badminton and they really enjoyed playing the different games!

Room 9 learning about shuttlecocks. 

Room 8 practising with balloons. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Citizenship Inquiry

During Term 2, the Matairangi Hub inquiry focus was Citizenship. A major part of this inquiry was for students to become aware of global, national and local issues and how they, as active citizens, could come up with solutions and actions for their chosen issue.

Students worked in groups across the hub and came up with some amazing actions to help with their issue. Some examples include:

Christos, Thomas and Jack- who were working on how to prevent littering. They put posters up around our local community. 

Facundo, Andronicos and Arana- who were working on how to minimise littering in our own school community. This group are now in the beginning stages of starting a school litter clean-up club.

Ali, Grace, Amiria and Eva- who were focusing on plastic wastage. This group are currently organising a plastic free day at school. 

Louis, Freddie, Flynn, Alexi, Joe and Anas- who were focusing on the homeless. They are currently organising a can-food drive at school to donate to food banks. 

Sophie, Jacqui and Molly- who were focusing on plastic pollution in the ocean. This groups spent their Saturday morning selling reusable bags in our local community and donated their earnings to the Island Bay Marine Education centre. 

We had a great time showing the rest of the school our projects when we recently had a Matairangi inquiry open day to share all our amazing work.

Sharing with Room 1, 3 and 4

One group selling their bags to make money for the Island Bay Marine Education Centre. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Government House

During Week 10 of Term 2 Matairangi Hub went on a trip to Government House. This trip was part of our citizenship inquiry and it was a great way to discuss with the students what being an active citizen means.

We had a medal ceremony for four of our students and a tour of the house.
Mere trying the monocle
Louis and Freya receiving medals. 

I really enjoyed the squishy carpet and the present cabinet. I also enjoyed the ballroom and how well lit it was, looking at all the coats of arms and just looking at the way she lived (Sophie).

On the trip I learnt that…
.William Hobson was the first governor general in NZ  
.Catherine Tizard was the first girl governor general in NZ
.Catherine Tizards nickname was Cat   
.Arthur Porritt was the first kiwi governor general  
The Governor General’s role is to…   
. Knight people  
.Appoint the government after an election
.Attend community events   

.Travel around the world for the queen

I really enjoyed the thick carpet and the paintings in the ballroom and the chandeliers (Ali)

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Matariki Electives

Making and designing lanterns
On Thursday June 14, Kilbirnie school celebrated Matariki with a day of electives and evening celebrations. Students participated in a range of activities including digital Matariki, haka, technology challenge, preparing kai and a fantastic selection of art activities.

"I liked making the tautara (fishing rod) in Room 8 and working with the younger kids in the school." (Jacqui R8). 

"I did the haka, digital Matariki and preparing kumara. I liked learning about a man hiding in a kumara patch and telling the story through the haka." (Marcel, R10).
Technology Challenge with Lou
Koru art with Mrs Te Rito

Friday Rotations

On Fridays, the Matairangi hub run subject rotations. Mr Wilson offers history, Mrs Te Rito runs art class and Rachel does music. Each student in the hub spends three sessions on each of the three topics.

Clay unicorns made in art
African Gumboot Dance

 "We got to make clay animals. I made an elephant. It was cool using clay- I hadn't used it before. I liked that we got to choose what to make." (Tilly, R9)

"In history we learnt about the Mayans and their gods because they believed in many. They used hieroglyphics instead of normal writing and their books were giant tablets made out of bark." (Arana, R8)
Working on clay animals

"In music, we learnt about notes and the African Gumboot Dance and it was really fun!" (Bijou, R9)                                                 

Monday, 21 May 2018

World Day for Cultural Diversity

On May 21st, Matairangi Hub celebrated the many cultures that make up our diverse classrooms.

Each student brought along a plate of food that represented their culture. We had such a mixed variety of food including Scottish Shortbread, American Hotdogs, English Scones, Polish Sausage, Khanom Wan Thai and a classic Kiwi treat- Pavlova!

Room 8's Shared Lunch

In the afternoon we had a special guest come and perform. Matias performed using a variety of South American instruments, such as the Charango, Zampona and Quena. Some of the students were even lucky enough to try out these amazing instruments!

Trying out the instruments.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Pedal Ready!

During Week 1, the Matairangi Hub took part in 'Pedal Ready'- a program run by Wellington Regional Council to teach students how to keep themselves and their bikes safe. It was great seeing students learn new skills and encourage one another as they participated.

"I enjoyed learning the ABCD safety check, it was really helpful and I didn't know about it before" (Amiria, R9).

"I liked learning to glide on my bike" (Pattana, R8).

"I liked learning to indicate so drivers know where we are going" (Charlotte J, R10).

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Kilbirnie School Camp 2018!

Year 5 Camp 

Camp 2018 was so fun,
It was the first camp for the
Year 5s.

First, we got on the bus with our buddies and put on our set belts. It was good that we also got to watch a movie.
The movie was called Cars 3.

Next, we got of the bus and had lunch in the rock climbing place called Hangdog. when we finished eating, we put our bags upstairs, and the instructor was demonstrating how to do it,
next thing were at the top of the climbing wall!!!

When we finished at Hangdog we went to camp, and that is the bit that we were all looking forward to.
When we got there, it was pouring with rain and it was freezing. When we got our bags we went inside, and someone lead us to our cabins.

At dinner on the first night, it was lasagne, it was so good!
finally the next day, we went on the waterslide, confidence course, and orienteering. Then we packed our bags and went home. The bus ride was so long.

By Ali B.

Year 6
2018 Camp was so much fun.
The year 6’s had an amazing experience on camp.

The first thing we did was take our luggage to the hall. We remembered all our things like our shoes, clothes, wet weather gear, togs, and towels.
Our first
Activty was rock climbing at Hangdog. The climbing
walls were bigger than I remembered. We got told the rules, and off we went. I started on the automatic wall. I climbed as far up as I could. That was rock climbing.

Free time. For free time there was the waterslide, the pool, the gym, our cabins, and the trampolines. The pool was freezing cold. Cj, Paloma, Amber, and I were doing cannonballs into the pool.  We ran over to the waterslide and got a mat, and we started to move. We speed down really fast. Before we knew it, we knew we were in muddy grass water that that smelt like Rotorua.

Horse riding was such a fun experience. When we got there we were all welcomed by the owner of the horse riding
club. There were lots of beautiful horses there. We saw
ponies that were so small. The horses were so much fun and everyone enjoyed it.

By Charlotte

Monday, 12 February 2018

Week 2 Term 1

This week we brought our devices to school and have been setting them up and learning to use them.

Also, this week we also went to Khandallah Park for the school picnic.
The pool was freezing cold, but incredibly fun.

Then we got out of the pool and walked up Mt Kaukau.
It was a hard walk up but the view was worth it.
Coming down was easier.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Athletics Day

On the 1st of November 2017, Kilbirnie School had athletics day the year fours to year six what year 4, 5, and 6 did high jump, long jump, sprints, quoits and vortex where all the events. Year 4 to 6 if you get in the top 2 (or top 4 for relay.) you qualify for eastern zone which is all in the east.
Everyone got in there year groups and watched the year two’s race everyone cheered. A few minutes later Mrs Te Rito calls out the activities for different year groups.

Athletics Day

On Friday 19 October, we had our yearly athletics day- and what a beautiful day it was!  After weeks of training, our Matairangi studen...