Monday, 30 July 2018

Government House

During Week 10 of Term 2 Matairangi Hub went on a trip to Government House. This trip was part of our citizenship inquiry and it was a great way to discuss with the students what being an active citizen means.

We had a medal ceremony for four of our students and a tour of the house.
Mere trying the monocle
Louis and Freya receiving medals. 

I really enjoyed the squishy carpet and the present cabinet. I also enjoyed the ballroom and how well lit it was, looking at all the coats of arms and just looking at the way she lived (Sophie).

On the trip I learnt that…
.William Hobson was the first governor general in NZ  
.Catherine Tizard was the first girl governor general in NZ
.Catherine Tizards nickname was Cat   
.Arthur Porritt was the first kiwi governor general  
The Governor General’s role is to…   
. Knight people  
.Appoint the government after an election
.Attend community events   

.Travel around the world for the queen

I really enjoyed the thick carpet and the paintings in the ballroom and the chandeliers (Ali)

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