Thursday, 22 March 2018

Kilbirnie School Camp 2018!

Year 5 Camp 

Camp 2018 was so fun,
It was the first camp for the
Year 5s.

First, we got on the bus with our buddies and put on our set belts. It was good that we also got to watch a movie.
The movie was called Cars 3.

Next, we got of the bus and had lunch in the rock climbing place called Hangdog. when we finished eating, we put our bags upstairs, and the instructor was demonstrating how to do it,
next thing were at the top of the climbing wall!!!

When we finished at Hangdog we went to camp, and that is the bit that we were all looking forward to.
When we got there, it was pouring with rain and it was freezing. When we got our bags we went inside, and someone lead us to our cabins.

At dinner on the first night, it was lasagne, it was so good!
finally the next day, we went on the waterslide, confidence course, and orienteering. Then we packed our bags and went home. The bus ride was so long.

By Ali B.

Year 6
2018 Camp was so much fun.
The year 6’s had an amazing experience on camp.

The first thing we did was take our luggage to the hall. We remembered all our things like our shoes, clothes, wet weather gear, togs, and towels.
Our first
Activty was rock climbing at Hangdog. The climbing
walls were bigger than I remembered. We got told the rules, and off we went. I started on the automatic wall. I climbed as far up as I could. That was rock climbing.

Free time. For free time there was the waterslide, the pool, the gym, our cabins, and the trampolines. The pool was freezing cold. Cj, Paloma, Amber, and I were doing cannonballs into the pool.  We ran over to the waterslide and got a mat, and we started to move. We speed down really fast. Before we knew it, we knew we were in muddy grass water that that smelt like Rotorua.

Horse riding was such a fun experience. When we got there we were all welcomed by the owner of the horse riding
club. There were lots of beautiful horses there. We saw
ponies that were so small. The horses were so much fun and everyone enjoyed it.

By Charlotte

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