Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Citizenship Inquiry

During Term 2, the Matairangi Hub inquiry focus was Citizenship. A major part of this inquiry was for students to become aware of global, national and local issues and how they, as active citizens, could come up with solutions and actions for their chosen issue.

Students worked in groups across the hub and came up with some amazing actions to help with their issue. Some examples include:

Christos, Thomas and Jack- who were working on how to prevent littering. They put posters up around our local community. 

Facundo, Andronicos and Arana- who were working on how to minimise littering in our own school community. This group are now in the beginning stages of starting a school litter clean-up club.

Ali, Grace, Amiria and Eva- who were focusing on plastic wastage. This group are currently organising a plastic free day at school. 

Louis, Freddie, Flynn, Alexi, Joe and Anas- who were focusing on the homeless. They are currently organising a can-food drive at school to donate to food banks. 

Sophie, Jacqui and Molly- who were focusing on plastic pollution in the ocean. This groups spent their Saturday morning selling reusable bags in our local community and donated their earnings to the Island Bay Marine Education centre. 

We had a great time showing the rest of the school our projects when we recently had a Matairangi inquiry open day to share all our amazing work.

Sharing with Room 1, 3 and 4

One group selling their bags to make money for the Island Bay Marine Education Centre. 

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