Sunday, 17 March 2019

Camp 2019

During week 5 we had school camp!

The year 6's set off on Tuesday and stayed for three nights at Palm Grove- two nights were spent sleeping in tents for some! So many activities were packed into the four days spent on camp.  This included activities such as: archery, low ropes, confidence course, swimming, performing, tramping, orienteering, rock climbing, horse riding, pitching tents, playing sports, and even preparing vegetables. 

The year 5 camp joined the year 6's on Wednesday and they did many of the same activities. On Friday, the year 5's went to Ngā Manu Nature Reserve where they got to see native birds and plants, as well as the opportunity to feed eels! 



Some students have written some amazing articles about their camp experiences, here are some extracts:

Low Ropes:

“I found it really fun and wanna do it longer” Mere said. There were so many obstacles that you could go on. There were these blocks you could go and jump to the next and there were ropes that you had to use your bum to slide across, there were also tires you had to climb on and if you fell off any of the obstacles it was okay because you were clipped on to some wires so if you fell it would make you just hang there and you wouldn't hurt yourself. (By Freya)

Camp Concert:

2019’s camp concert was just last week. Crowds were flooding in to see the students of kilbirnie school perform their skits. The students did their skit one by one and then there was a surprise synchronised swimming dance from the parents. “It was a unique production of skits, the parents were hilarious” said one of the spectators. (Arana)


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